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Post by hustleinc on Wed May 13, 2015 7:12 am

What does branding yourself mean? It means creating a professional image for yourself that contains you, HUSLTE Inc., and MCA.

Examples of this would be:

Instead of having your Facebook business page's profile picture just being you, have it be you holding up your MCA Membership card.

Have your page's cover photo include the HUSTLE Inc. logo.

Anything you post on your page, mention MCA and HUSTLE Inc.

If you take YOURSELF seriously, then OTHER people will take you seriously. And they will take your BUSINESS more seriously, and be more likely to look into the membership, or becoming an associate.

People will start to see you as a professional in your field of work.

Along with information about the company, organization, and benefits, also post motivational and uplifting content.

On your page, you want to promote the business opportunity that HUSTLE Inc. offers, but also from time to time, promote the amazing services MCA offers that everyone can take advantage of!

Mix it up when marketing on Facebook! NEVER continuously post the same type of stuff over and over again because that type of marketing could easily be considered SPAM, and you could get flagged, blocked, or unfriended!

You want to attract an audience not scare them away by repetitive posts of the same nature!


DO NOT post things that contain drugs, alcohol, nudity, partying, negativity, or politics.

These are things that can create conflict or differences in opinion between you and potential customers or associates.

You don't want that, at all.

DO NOT post fighting videos, and KEEP DRAMA OFF YOUR PAGE!

You also want to say away from words and phrases such as: scam, get rich quick, turn $40 into thousands a week, etc.

If these words are out of sight, they're out of mind.


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